Technical Program


An Average Spectral Coherence Approach for Feature Extract of Fan Vibrations


2.2 Experimental Methods for Localizing / Characterizing Sources


CHU Ning
Zhejiang University

Hangzhou - China
LI Shyang
Zhejiang University

Hangzhou - China
WU Dazhuan
Zheijang University

Hangzhou - China


Acoustic noises produced by fan aerodynamic performance are generally transient, non-stationary and broadband. To extract key features from these complicated noises, this paper proposes an improved cyclostationary approach combining the compressed sensing and Kurtosis spectrum. Mechanical interference and background noise can be attenuated and filtered by sparsity-based compressed sensing technique. Meanwhile acoustic source can be accumulated and enforced by adequate linear array of microphone sensors. Thus informative characterization of fan acoustics can be drawn up comprehensively by Kurtosis spectrum from cyclostationary statistics of fan acoustic noises.